The Guest List This thriller immediately caught my eye for so many reasons. The…

The Guest List🌩🌊💨

This thriller immediately caught my eye for so many reasons. The biggest has to be the fact that I fall into the “COVID Bride” category after postponing my May wedding more times than I want to admit. This wedding drama is unlike ANY other & honestly distracted me from my own planning! 😂

Lucy Foley taps into multiple POVs in this page turner – the bride, the plus one, the best man, the wedding planner, and the bridesmaid. This technique kept me on my toes the entire novel – it was such a fast read! As soon as the festivities begin, it is evident how many guests have more jealousy and resentment than well wishes in their hearts. We watch the guests begin to mingle & interact as past memories are brought to the surface, and before we know it… someone turns up dead.

I was OBSESSED with the setting. The entire book takes place on a remote island off the coast of Ireland. The land has heartache & secrets of its own that ultimately gives the island an ominous atmosphere that plays a major role in the plot. I couldn’t help imagining myself as a guest attending these exclusive nuptials.

QOTD: Which settings have left an impact on you recently?!



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